"Triumph through life’s stressors and transitions via online counseling."

Integrative Psychological Professional Service, PLLC is an online therapy practice dedicated to creating a safe space for the mental health and wellness of professional minorities, particularly persons of color.

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De-clutter your mind, increase happiness, improve your life, manage stress and triumph through life’s trauma, stressors, emotional distress and transitions via online counseling. Invest in yourself!

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Dr. Richards is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of NY and NJ, with 15 years of experience evaluating and treating adults, couples, and adolescents. 

Everything is done online! Our appointments are made to be flexible and convenient.

Our Mission Statement

Integrative Psychological Professional Service, PLLC aims to reduce the stigma around therapy and mental wellness, promote prevention and self-care among professional minorities of color. We also seek to increase the utilization of supportive services within communities of color, while decreasing the disparity of engagement in utilization of mental health services, as well as provide education and outreach on mental wellness to communities of color.

How did Integrative Psychological Professional Service, PLLC get started:

Dr. Richards founded Integrative Psychological Professional Service, PLLC in 2020, an online group practice, during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the increasing demands for quality psychological services amongst underserved populations, particularly person of color.

We offer goal-oriented individual, couples and family counseling in a comfortable, flexible and convenient manner. Our dedicated therapists are all licensed or trainees supervised by a licensed therapist with year of experience in the field. Each therapist was chosen to be a part of this independent group practice based on their personal and professional accomplishments, as well as cultural competence

Our Services

Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal emotion and a healthy reaction to the uncertainties in life. Who has not thought about the ‘what if’s in life’-health concerns, money woes, job security, or relationship issues? Anxiety becomes an issue when it persists despite rational thought and inhibits your functioning. It can rob you of opportunities, life experiences and consume an abundance of your energy. It can consist of cognitive, emotional and physical changes. 

Treatment for Trauma

The direct exposure or witnessing of near death, death, serious injury, actual or threatened sexual or physical violence can result in long-lasting negative changes in cognitions and mood that are associated with the traumatic event. 

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